The Energy Renaissance


Our mission 

“To change the world’s spiritual mindset regarding energy and technology, optimizing the conversion of solar energy to electricity. 

To create a new state of mind, peaceful and closer to the needs of the Earth.” 

Our vision 

None of the traditional PV flat systems take advantage of the three-dimensional nature of our biosphere, so that solar energy collection largely occurs on flat structures in contrast with what is commonly observed in Nature. 

The Dynacorp Global Mindset 

Combining Swiss precision, Italian design and Chinese expertise in high-tech and solar energy, we manufacture cleantech-patented machines capable to produce and store multi- source energy to lead the transition to the exclusive use of free and clean energy. 


Our Dynamo produce electric and thermal energy from renewable and free sources: sun, water and air. 

All the components of the machines are managed by a single control system that can be accessed remotely to check real time the production and energy storage. 

Three-dimension Photovoltaic 

Taking advantage of the three-dimensional nature of our Biosphere, Dynamo machines: 

  • Generate measured energy densities by a factor of 2 – 20 than flat PV Panels
  • Double the number of useful peak hours
  • Reduce the seasonal and latitude variation of solar energy generation, with even higher benefits in case of cloudy weather.

Three-dimension Photovoltaic 

  • reduce installing time and labor costs
  • create a technical space for system
    integration and storage
  • be installed in densely inhabited urban environments


D-Hub is a technology platform powered by Dynamo for smart services with zero environmental impact for public spaces, airports, railway stations and points of interest. 


D-SOLAR produces and distribute solar panels, inverters and storage systems. 

In addition to producing conventional models of solar modules, the brand also offers high efficiency PV modules, such as double glass, half chip, perc and film. 

Solar Panels 

Our solar cells adopt new technologies to improve the efficiency of the modules and lead the solar PV industry to optimized power-cost ratio and less installing work. 

Power Box 

The D-SOLAR box is an intelligent storage system that automatically adjusts the energy usage in your household. 

The system includes the inverter for the photovoltaic system and lithium batteries. 


By focusing on the transition to renewable energy and on increasing energy access and efficiency we actively contribute to mitigating the effects of climate change, and to fulfilling many of the SDGs. 

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