Power your home day and night
Reduce your electricity bill and carbon footprints
Sell any excess energy back into the power grid


Electric storage for energy independence

The D-STORAGE box is an intelligent storage system that automatically adjusts energy usage in your household.

Features include, all in one solution: hybrid power system, inverter, controller and battery modules.

Seamless Integration

The integrated system allows you to accumulate and store solar energy, in order to reuse it in your home or put it into the public grid, keeping everything under control, wherever you are.

How it works:

Feed your home throughout the day
Control energy consumption remotely, using your smartphone
Feed energy into the public grid, optimizing costs

Charge your smart home with solar power. Day and night.

Save money and earn money by storing your generated solar energy with our Electric Box. With the capability to retro-fit it to any PV system, upgrading to battery storage has never been easier.

The right size energy storage for any need

Every household has its own very specific energy needs. That’s why we have developed a multi-stage storage system that can be adapted to even the most diverse energy needs.

    Available in three dimensions S (800x250x800mm) M(600x380x1380mm) M(450x296x1415mm)
    Modular battery system. Voltage: 336-384V
  • System scope
    Complete storage system, ready to connect.
  • Safety Certificate
    CE, TUV, ROHS, UN38.3 TLC
  • Storage temperature
    -20 - 60
  • Installation
    Flexible mounting, plug and play

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