Produce and store your clean energy

Monolite is the perfect solution to achieve energy independence through self-production and the accumulation of electric energy from renewable sources such as sunlight.

Once installed, your building will be characterised by its high energy efficiency and minor negative impact on the environment. Furthermore, thanks to the battery system, the use of electricity from the network will be cut down, making the building highly independent and with zero impact.

One Monolite medium can produce approximately 3.200 kWh of electric energy satisfying the needs of a 120m2 house and more if installed as part of a series.

Monolite transforms sunlight into energy and store the energy excess to make it available when you need.

A single integrated control system collects the electricity produced using the photovoltaic system and stores it into batteries. The energy produced is available anytime to fullfil your household or building needs while the energy in excess is stored to keep your home running during the night or on cloudy days. The machine allows you to use each kWh of energy in the best possible way optimizing your level of energy demand, reducing energy costs and environmental impact. The integrated energy control is implemented through ad hoc software and the system can be managed remotely, through an internet connection, to evaluate, in real time, production and energy storage.


MONOLITE – The ultimate energy machine

The world’s first iconic machine capable of producing and accumulating electric energy, using exclusively renewable and free sources. Combining the energy flows of the sun the machines reach maximum efficiency and meet all energy needs. Thanks to its regular and repeatable shape, Monolite can be installed in series and a range of placement solutions can be found.

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