Dynamo D6 CUBE



Production and storage for an energy independence

D6 is the cubic version of the Dynamo project. The aim of D6 is to provide comfort, independence and efficiency using the energy donated to us by the sun and earth.

The machine is designed to work perfectly in both winter and summertime, providing heating, cooling and hot water production. All its components are managed by a single control system that can be accessed remotely to check, in real time, production and energy storage.

The smart way to power your building

Dynamo D6 helps reduce its energy footprint by producing and storing clean electric and thermal energy, and hot water.

Dynamo D6 can satisfy the energy needs of a 1300 square meter building: heating, cooling, electricity and hot water production. Due to its repeatability it can render even large buildings independent. The use of Gaia, compared to a traditional energy system, can annually avoid the
emission of about 30 tons of CO2.

Dynamo D6 combines multiple technologies using natural resources to produce and store energy.

During the heating cycle, the heat pump captures heat energy from solar panels and from the earth. The excess of thermal energy can be completely tranferred into the soil that becomes a natural thermal storage. In summertime the heat pump reverses its cycle, subtracting heat from the buiding and moving it into the soil, ensuring performance for the following winter.

The photovoltaic system ensures the supply of electrical energy needed to power the heat pump system. When electicity production is high, an electric battery stores the surplus energy, and through an inverter sends it to utilities.

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