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About Us


Dynamo is developed by Verde21 Srl.

Verde21 Srl is an innovative start-up (d.l. 18 October 2012, n. 179) founded on the values of innovation, respect for the environment and energy efficiency. The company’s main objective is to propose and implement products and services that improve the quality of life of our customers, through the use of innovative and green technologies. Verde21 has a share capital of EUR 60.000 and is located in Cecina, Tuscany.

Verde21 satisfies and maintains the requirements of “Start up-innovative” in accordance with articles 25-31 of the Legislative Decree. 18 October 2012 No 179.

  • It has its head office in Italy (Livorno-Milan-Turin).
  • It has as its sole object the production of innovative services with a high technological value.
  • Its members are PhD holders.
  • It carries out research and development activities.
  • The total workforce is made up of at least 1/3 doctoral candidates, research doctors or researchers, or at least 2/3 of partners or collaborators in any capacity with a master’s degree.

Vision Statement

To create machines capable of producing and storing energy in the best possible way, without compromise, to lead the transition to the exclusive use of free and clean energy.

Mission Statement

Dynamo Energies designs and sells machines for energy production and storage. Dynamo combines the exclusive use of free and renewable energy sources through the application of highly innovative and efficient technologies, searching for a stylish design that elegantly integrates in the context, and “communicates” modernity and attention to the environment.

Corporate Values

These phrases best describe and represent our values:
We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our childrens. (Native American Proverb)
Science itself would not last a minute without beauty (Fedor Dostoevskij)
The progressive development of man is vitally dependent on invention (Nikola Tesla)
Freedom is the greatest fruit of self-sufficiency (Epicurus)

Dynamo Project

The desire to create an innovative product is clearly linked to the historical transition we are witnessing, transition that will bring the local and sustainable production at the centre of the national states economies. Among these, energy will play a strategic and vital role.

The third industrial revolution energy systems will be based on five principles:

  • Energy sources will be local
  • Will use renewable sources and they will meet all energy needs
  • Will be able to store energy
  • Will have no direct impacts on the environment
  • Their use will be free.

From these beliefs we have developed an innovative product that, first and unique in the market, responding to the five principles listed and adds a new and important concept, the typically Italian Style and Creativity, transforming “the system” in a form of “art-furniture” and in a form of communication.

Know How and Patents

The company know how is linked to the synergistic management of the various technologies used. This know-how is based on specific studies, on experience “in field” and on academic studies realised by the founders. The mix of university research, the vast experience in the design and in realization of very complex installations, the attention to technology trends, a strong creativity, the passion for the environment and innovation, combined with the great effort made over the last three years in terms of research and development and market analysis, led to the creation of these unique products.

A patent with regard to the synergistic use of different energy sources protected Dynamo Machines. Two patents protect product design. Brand and logo are registered.

Shares for shareholders and investors

The company can reserve shares without voting rights or with voting rights not proportional to the participation, and can issue financial instruments convertible into equity. In addition the Company can issue financial instruments with equity rights and without administrative rights, and proposes incentive plans that provide the assignment of financial instuments to employees, contractors or work or services providers, including professional (stock options and work for equity).