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Dynamo Revolution

One Machine, all the energy you need.

Dynamo produces and accumulates electric energy and thermal energy, using exclusively renewable and free sources. The machine combines the energy flows of subsoil, water, air and sun to reach maximum efficiency and meet all energy needs. Dynamo replaces the old and complex system solutions based on the use of fossil sources and large power distribution networks.

Dynamo has an attractive and stylish Italian design, transforming a typical weakness of renewable energy plants, the aesthetic appearance, into a strength factor of prestige, originality and communication.

Dynamo Energy D12

The Fifth Element

Dynamo Energy D12

Dynamo D12 is a dodecahedron and uses the four natural elements to produce and accumulate heating, cooling and electricity. It can be used as a symbol of energy sustainability in several prestigious locations.

Dynamo Energy D6

The Cube

Dynamo Energy D6

Dynamo D6 is a cube that produces and accumulates heating, cooling and electricity through the exclusive use of renewable sources. Thanks to its regular shape can be installed in series and in different scenarios.

Dynamo Design



The name of the project is the result of careful aesthetic research. The “Dynamo” expression stems from Dynamai (in ancient Greek “able to do"), and refers to the uniqueness machine’s ability to produce and accumulate thermal and electrical power using exclusively renewable sources.



The symbolism is also linked to the design of the machines, transforming the technology in Art.

The shapes were inspired by the study of the Platonic solids: five polyhedron representing natural elements, designed on precise geometric rules of symmetry and regularity. Fire, air, water, earth, and the fifth element are respectively represented by the tetrahedron, octahedron, icosahedrons, the cube, and finally by the dodecahedron. Dynamo’s shapes synthesize these natural elements in a unique and innovative energy system.



The choice of the logo refers again to the Classicism. The logo is inspired by the Tetractys, an important Pythagorean insight representing the quaternary number, ie the arithmetic sequence of the first four positive integers arranged in an equilateral triangle. The pyramidal shape allows the clear synergy between the first four numbers and the decade, and a strong symbolic correspondence with Dynamo value. There is a strong link between each level of the Tetractys and f the four natural elements used to produce and accumulate energy: the fire is the top tip, the air is at the second level, the water is the third height, and finally the earth is the pyramidal base.